A day in the life

My day today began at 6 am, when my human alarm went off: “Mummy! Mummmmmeeeeee”.  I wish she had a snooze bar.  Alexa and I played and listened to Radio 4 and pottered around for a couple of hours, then after breakfast she was collected by Jane, our wonderful childminder.

I made coffee and had a quiet time (don’t be impressed- it was my first this week). I do usually try to start my “working” days in this way as it reminds me who I am doing all this for.  “Working” is in inverted commas because these days seem like holiday compared to the rest of the week.  All you mothers out there will know what I mean!

I looked at the dirty kitchen, the piles of ironing and the scum in the bathroom sink, and then I looked away again.  I cleared a space on the sitting room table and turned on my lap top.

I had decided to spend my time today on the new book, so I wrote a list of people I want to interview, and then fired off lots of emails and facebook messages trying to fix up meetings and phone calls and generally making contact.  That took most of the morning.  Then I fiddled a bit with the website, and checked I have enough time budgeted to prepare for the Radiant Conference.

Shawn came in just after lunch and told me our car has broken down again- it may take 600 pounds to fix if he is right about what has gone wrong, and he usually is.  I stressed out a bit, then found some things to be grateful for, like the fact it is broken outside our house and not in a back lane miles from home.

I now have 45 minutes left, and am debating: shall I call it a day and go for a run (read: stagger round the block then fall hyperventillating to the ground and wonder if I am dying) or do some background reading for the book, or cook dinner for tonight, or have a nap, or just sit here debating my options and wasting precious time?

So- a rare insite into my use of child free time, that I’m sure you will have found fascinating.  See you soon x