Soul Survivor

Shawn, Alexa and I have just got back from Soul Survivor, where we have spent the week with about 30 of the teenagers from our church.  This is a christian youth festival, and if you have no mental image for what this set up might look like, let me describe it to you,

Picture eleven thousand teenagers and their assorted tents and caravans spread over a few muddy fields.  Add to the picture the sound of rumbling bass, the overtones of the most current of comtemporary worship, and the shrieks of teenagers discovering the joys of freedom, mud and encountering God in vivid and surprising ways.  There are multiple “cafes” (read big, scruffy tents), skate ramps, art workshops, gigs by up-and-coming bands, stalls selling fresh doughnuts, open mic sessions, seminars and movie showings, and twice daily meetings in the most giant canvass structure I have ever seen.

It was humbling and exciting to see how openly our teens responded to God in worship, soaked up the teaching and prayed for one another.  I am sure, as in previous years we have gone, that what happened in their lives will continue to bear fruit and will impact the wider group back home.  It is truly wonderful to move deeper into God as a community.

Alexa was in her element.  My future brother-in-law Matt says that she doesn’t so much make friends as add to her fan club.  She certainly seemed to gain some fans this week, working the crowds in the big top, blowing kisses, waving and dancing wildly.

I was possibly less in my element (too loud, too dirty!) but still LOVED each day and am already excited about going back next year.