Obama won!

As always, my blog has its finger on the world’s political pulse, and I feel it is my duty to inform you in a timely fashion when something of import occurs.  America has voted itself a new president! Barack Obama will take office in January 2009 and he is going to sort out all our problems, because he is black  (half black anyway) and he is intelligent and charismatic, a la Santos from the West Wing.  My daughter is very proud of her American citizenship and would have voted if she could have- she’s very pro change in general.

I was also very political as a child.  I was two when Reagan was elected and apparently I went storming through the house to find my Dad, shouting “It’s a BISASTER! That man’s got in!”

So I wish him well, and I certainly don’t envy him as he has to face the difficult challenges of choosing an new puppy (a hypo-allergenic one no less) and sorting out some messes such as wars, environmental catastrophe and economic collapse.  Let’s hope that in four years’ time he is still saying with just as much conviction: “Yes, we can!”