The gathering of the clans

I come from a bona fide happy family- a modern day miracle some might call it.  We have our ups and downs, our quibbles and squabbles and tricky sticky moments, but we really love each other and enjoy being together.  This doesn’t happen very often sadly, so I get very excited when it does, on an occasion like the marriage of my little sister this coming Saturday.

I am the eldest of four siblings.  Our parents live in France and travel the world like whirling dirvishes with their job.  Shawn and I host them when they come through Heathrow, so we get to see them quite a bit.  My brother Jem lives in Canada and also travels the world with work.  Esther and her husband Rob are threatening to take baby Jack and move to somewhere poor and far away to do good stuff with water.  Bethie is moving out of our house and to the other side of London after the wedding.  If I had it my way they would all live on my street and pop in for tea three times a day.

So I am going to have a nice week with my family before they scatter again.  And maybe they will see sense one day and settle down like responsible adults in our back garden.  (Those of you who are sticklers for the literal truth will want to know that we don’t have a back garden.  Sorry for the casual disregard of reality).

I will let you know how the wedding goes.  Hopefully will be able to participate in this one more fully than the Swiss fiasco.  Bye for now.