A beautiful wedding in Switzerland

I had the great priviledge of flying to Switzerland for my friend Beth’s wedding this last weekend (ah yes- more about me and my glamorous life!).  It was in the mountain village of Vercorin, and getting there involved a car, a plane, a train, a bus, a cable car and a walk.

The weather was glorious- the mountains all around us were clear and vivid against the perfectly blue sky.  The plan for Saturday was that the close girl friends would gather in the bride’s chalet to help her get ready in the morning.  We would then walk up to the village church for the ceremony, followed by an aperatif in her new in-laws garden, and an evening reception further up the mountain in a grand and characterful hotel overlooking the Matterhorn (the mountain on the Toblerone packet).  All this went perfectly to plan and it was a spectacular day for everyone involved.  Beth looked gorgeous and joyful, Vincent moved and proud.  The wedding was celebrated by an array of multinational friends and family all overwhelmed by the setting and the occasion.  The party went on into the small hours- the bride and groom retiring at 5.30 am, and continued after a small interlude with a breakfast of homemade jams and bread.  An amazing occasion, enjoyed by all.  Bar me.

Poor little me.  I spent the day finding places to sleep and vomit.

As in the drama with Alexa’s breathing though, there are many things to be thankful for.  I am so grateful to have been at the wedding service of one of my dearest friends.  I am thankful I was not sick on either of the travel days.  I am thankful that there were always places I could sleep and vomit through the day.  And I was wonderfully looked after by another schoolfriend and her fiance- who are going to make great parents one day!  So all in all, not a disaster.  And I look forward to seeing the pictures.