Happy new year to you all!  I hope you have entered 2009 in good spirits.  I have to confess that despite my intentions to override my strong bed time instincts and stay up to at least one minute past midnight, I was asleep by eleven.  I felt felt like a wimp, but I was happy about the decision when Alexa woke at 6am the next day.

I really love writing resolutions, substantially more than I love keeping them needless to say.  Here are the ones appropriate for the public domain (not that any of them are dodgey or anything, but I thought you could probably do without knowing that I intend to sort out my underwear draw once and for all for example).

1.  Read the entire Bible by next December 31st.  I am already a day behind as I am trying to find a good sceme that will give me bits of each part and mix it up a bit.

2. I always seem to have a weight loss resolution on the list.  So for the sake of tradition, my goal is to lose another 14 lb, and not the same 14 lb that is gained this year.

3.  This year I would like to grow some edible things in pots in our front yard.  I have some seeds.  That’s a start.

4. Another book under the belt would be good (not literally you understand.  I have trouble enough looking slimlined without a couple of paper backs strapped to my middle).

5. I am hoping to keep the running going, but I really don’t want to train for any big races or anything.  I’d like to keep my three times a week routine..

6. Commit myself to creativity.  That is a bit woolly, but it amounts to the fact that I would love to keep painting, cooking interestingly, writing for fun as well as for a living and playing wholeheartedly with Alexa.

It’s January 2nd and all is going well so far, although I haven’t actually done anything towards achieving any of my resolutions.  So maybe it’s not going so well.  But hey- I have 364 days to go…