Ready for home

I was in a bit of a rut before we came away, and as I boarded our first flight, I felt as though I would never be ready to come back (yes- I do have a tendency to be over dramatic!).  I felt cooped up in our house, bored of my routines, ill at ease in my own skin and generally out of sorts.  A change of scene has done wonders to jolt me out of my rut, and now, two weeks later, I find my appetite for my own life, my own God-given setting returning.  It is time to go home.

When I look back on this time, I will think of the Easter feast we had yesterday around Shawn’s aunt and uncle’s table with the cousins (Alexa calls her great uncle Scott “Great Scott” which goes down well!).  I will think about walking around Lake Harriet and meeting a local character known as the Pied Piper of Dogs, who for years has carried dog treats in a pouch around his waist and is dearly beloved of Edina canines.  I will remember my first experience of Chuck E Cheese, a childrens restaurant and casino (I kid you not) where I realised how people get addicted to slot machines.  I will envy myself for the long afternoon naps I took, the lengths of time I had the full attention of my well rested husband, the novels I chomped through.  And I will marvel that after two short weeks, I felt myself begin to be ready to be a little busier.

So here’s to a life lived with a balance of work and play and the joy of discovering that contrast provides the spice.  I’m off to enjoy my last two days of play.