The Youth of Today

The other day as Alexa and I walked home we got pelted by small hard apples and yeered at by four small-ish boys up the tree opposite our house.  Once safely inside I watched them tearing bits of branch off the poor tree and lobbing tree debris at other passersby, and grew more and more indignant.  I really wanted to tell on them, so I ended up calling the police! Who knew I would turn into a crotchety, curtain twitching, disapproving neighbourhood snitch? Ten minutes later a police car turned up and I watched with some satisfaction the boys getting ticked off and the policeman writing official looking notes in his pad, and I felt very pleased with the forces of law and order in South Bucks- we citizens are not at the mercy of yobbish youths.  We can just tell on them and they’ll get officially sorted out.

Well- the next day, the monkeys were up the tree again.  I was outraged! And on the verge of getting on the phone again.  Shawn stopped me and instead went out to have a chat with them, resulting in them deciding they liked us and in future wouldn’t be directing their missiles at us, our house or our car.  Shawn used to be a brat of that sort- probably worse- and I’m sure he was right not to antagonise them.  Still- I can’t help feeling irritated by the bad behaviour of young people today.  It wasn’t like that in my day.