Am I brave?

I think the last three speaking engagements have gone pretty well, at least from the perspective of the response that has come afterwards.  I suppose what I really hope for is that some people will go away encouraged/ comforted/ built up in their faith/ given permission to be honest about how they really are…

People have said some lovely things, but over and over again I have been told that I am brave, and I always brush it off and say it comes naturally to me to be honest.  Today I’ve been wondering why I don’t want to be thought of as brave in this context.  Is it because I read into it that if it takes courage to talk about, it is something that most people would keep private? And if that’s the case, is it because it is still badly looked upon to struggle with depression? I can answer that.  Yes- by some, it is still badly looked upon.  But so many, many of us walk this road, and so I am glad to stand up and admit it if it allows others to follow my example.

On a less philosophical note, and by way of update, I am STILL waiting on the publisher’s decision about my third book- aaagh.  It is a real test of my patience and faith! I started writing two months ago, on the understanding that a contract is “99.9% certain” to come my way.  I have written about 10,000 words now, and the more I progress the more brave I have to feel to keep going with no guarentees of publication.

What else? Basil is still alive, and has a friend, Mint, beside him on the window sill.  Unfortunately Coriander bit the dust.