Merseyside Memories

On Sunday night I was at St Mary’s, Upton, taking part in an event they run monthy called “Sundays at Seven.”  It was an hour long interview, in which I was asked lots of searching and personal questions, many relating to depression.  I actually really enjoyed the evening, particularly the bit afterwards when I got to talk to lots of interesting and lovely people, but what was REALLY exciting was that I lived in Upton for a three years when I was little and it is just the same!

I saw all kinds of people that I remembered and who have been important to my family over the years.  My first best friend ever was there, playing the piano in the band.  Lots of my parents’ youthgroup who used to babysit me came to say hello, all grown up but just the same.  I had lunch with a couple I haven’t seen since I was eight (and yes, I have grown!) and there were so many other dear, familiar faces surrounding me during my visit that it was hard to leave again so soon.  Thank you, my long lost Northern family, for a wonderful 24 hours.

Right, I have to knuckle down and get prepared for the next two speaking events, one this Saturday, and one the next Monday.  Bye for now x