Week 18 Pregnancy Update

On the growing a new life inside my body front, everything seems to be going pretty well at the moment.  I think I have just about passed the stage where you just look chubby and have begun to look chubby AND pregnant.  There is a lot of kicking going on, particularly when I have Alexa on my lap: sibling rivalry going on already perhaps? The midwife found the heartbeat straight away at my appointment this week and seems to think it is a good size.  I am getting my energy back, and while not glowing as such, I’m certainly not wilting. So nothing physically to worry about.

Emotionally I am a bit all over the place.  I am looking forward to having a new person in our family, but not particularly excited about a new baby.  And I am definately not happy about the thought of the chronic exhaustion of the first few months.  Alexa is delightfully low maintainance these days, and it will be a shock to go back to carting around shed-loads of equipment everywhere we go.  I was remembering the other day how we couldn’t leave the house without nappies, wipes, sudocrem, spare clothes, muslin, dummy, infacol, bottle, sterilised water, formula, chew toys, and bibs in the old days.  I guess the only good thing is that I now know how short that phase actually is.

So that’s the scoop on mini-Swinney the second and his/her carrier.  Until next time xx