Celebrity Break-Ups Make Me Sad…

I have no personal investment in the strange lives of Katie Price and Peter Andre.  I have never seen more than five minutes of any of their filmed “reality”.  My brother-in-law spotted them a couple of weeks ago staggering in to the final stretch of the London Marathon but that is as close as they have got to my reality.

I don’t know them, and can’t claim to care about them, and yet I really feel sad that they are separating after four years of marriage, the news of which is hard to avoid today.  I believe I found out on Radio 4 (what is the world coming to?).  They have three children.  The world is watching them with both cynicism and hope.  And they have been unable to make it work.

I know there are probably more deserving things to be sad about, but hey, the end of a marriage is a grievous business, even in celeb-land where chances of any other outcome are slim to none.