Walk like an Egyptian/ Drive like a Christian

You know that fish sign that some people have in the back of their cars? The one that says they are part of the Christian club? Well, I have heard it called the universal sign of bad drivers. Ouch.

I don’t have a fish sign on my car, so when I don’t let someone in from a side road when the traffic is heavy, when I scootch across the junction just after the light has turned, when I overtake a bike with not quite enough room for our mutual comfort, when I get enraged by learner drivers going at 7 miles an hour and push up on their bumpers to hurry them along, it doesn’t reflect badly on God, and it doesn’t matter.

Except I’ve been thinking it probably does. I’ve been thinking that if I purport to be a Christian, which I do (in case I’ve been unclear on that point), then how I am behind the wheel needs to reflect the qualities of Christ I am studying and desire to reflect. Jesus didn’t drive; he was a donkey riding sort of guy. But if he did I’m guessing he wouldn’t have road rage. He wouldn’t hog the middle lane. He’d be patient and kind (and perhaps a little stern) with the old dude in the fiat who should’ve handed in his licence around the time he got his birthday telegram from the Queen and realised he couldn’t read it without a magnifying glass. He’d drive with the music up and the windows down, making people laugh at red lights and helping ease the misery of the rush hour jam with a flash of eye contact and a conspiratorial smile.

So what do you think? If you are a person of faith, should you drive like one? Do you?