Retreat to Advance

Last week I went on a two night clergy wives retreat.  I imagine that a few of you might be smirking as you read that, picturing me getting to grips with the tea urn, and picking up some flower arranging and brass polishing tips.  But turns out that clergy wives’ retreats are more fun than they might sound.  Let’s see… spa products on our beds when we arrived.  Drinks and nibbles before dinner.  Pool and sauna.  Cake at four o clock.  Lovely, wise and kind people available to pray for you.  Piles of magazines and bowls of sweets and squishy sofas and idylic countryside.  Not too shabby.  And by the end of two days of spoiling, I was starting to feel quite human again.

My newfound serenity was put to the test as soon as I got home.  Charis fell from Alexa’s new 7ft cabin bed headfirst onto the floor and we had a speedy trip into A and E with a miserable, floppy two year old.  I hasten to tell you that she is fine- a few days later and you can’t even see the inprint of the carpet on her face anymore (and due to Health and Safety concerns, bed has been dismantled!). As for me, I lived through the whole thing experiencing “peace beyond understanding”, which I know came from spending quality time in God’s company, because I promise you I hadn’t been smoking anything…

Lots of people seem to have child falling on head stories: feel free to share!  Would also like to hear your thoughts about and experiences of retreats.