Hooray- she’s here!

After six weeks of false starts, I finally went into labour on my due date! Around 11 pm on the 29th October I noticed that the pain was a bit worse than usual and coming every eight minutes or so.  By midnight they were much worse and I began to wonder if this was the real deal finally.  I woke Shawn at 12.30 and an hour later we were on our way into hospital, where Charis was born a little over an hour later.  It was a short and horrifically painful labour, but there were no complications and we are so grateful to God for our beautiful, healthy and sweet natured addition to the family.  She weighed 7lb 1 oz and has lots of very dark hair (as her sister did at birth).  Alexa has been a total star and says that Charis is her best friend.

I will pop on here and update you a bit more soon.  Until then xxx