Have you ever done the Myers-Briggs personality profile test? It is one way that it is possible to categorise and order human kind, sorting us all into tidy “types”.  When we know what our type is, we will then make appropriate career choices, have more successful relationships and be able to anticipate and curb our flaws and failings.  I did this test a couple of years ago and promptly forgot what type I am, but today, in the spirit of procrastination and naval gazing I pulled out my work sheets and googled my letters and now I remember that I am a people person, whose thoughts turn dark when I spend time alone, that I bring out the best in others, see the big picture and like to be organised, but have a tendency to manipulate and can take on too many of the world’s problems to stay sane myself.  David, my favourite Bible personality, is the same type as me supposedly.

Some other things about me on September 14th 2009-

I am 34 weeks pregnant and my baby girl is trying to break her way out by cracking open my rib cage with her bony knee caps.

I have written 21,349 words of my new book.  I have to write 40,000 altogether.  20, 347 of the words I have so far written will need to be cut because they are poorly chosen and clumsy and boring.  Why did I agree to write another book?

When Alexa gets home from the childminder in ten minutes time we are going to go food shopping together.  I am going take a detailed list and lots of reusable bags and try to get ethically sound and environmentally friendly products but I will probably end up grabbing random and factory farmed items as I rush through the aisles with my daughter “singing” at the top of her voice and then realising I have left all my bags in the car.

That is enough self exposure for one day.