I think I should get some credits towards a paediatric nursing qualification for the last month or two.  I am getting adept at calpol administration, keeping hair out of vomitting girls’ faces, swift midnight sheet changes, unsociable hours and bleach-assisted germ control.  It has all been extremely medical around here for a while, and I am ready for a change of career.  I’d like to be a mother of healthy children! Aaagh.  Writing that I realise that I need to get a grip- some people have genuinely sick children, and I can’t even begin to imagine what that would be like.  I guess we have to find grace for our own lives, moment by moment.  Today I am thankful for the hints that spring is on the way, a daughter who requested lasagne for breakfast (a returning appetite methinks) and a baby who is too cute to be true, even when not feeling 100%.