New Things

I send out a regular bulk email to family and friends and my latest one was called “New things”.  I wrote about our new family member, the new house that our church is searching for to move us into (with a garden- hooray!), my new book, Alexa’s new nursery school, Shawn’s new role as a curate…there are lots of new things in our lives at the moment.  And yet there is also lots of “same olds…”.  The same old round of loading and unloading the dishwasher, dressing and undressing the girls and myself, getting out and putting away toys, buying and eating food- the general humdrum contents of the average day are pretty constant.  I might occasionally be tempted to moan about this, but today I have two things on my mind that have made me aware that boring normality is a precious luxury.  It is the one year anniversary of my aunt’s death from breast cancer, and I know her family is pining for the old normality of their life that is no more.  And on Radio 4 I heard a snippet of a report about a woman in Northern Sudan who had to flee from a raid hours after giving birth with her toddler in tow, who was killed as they tried to escape.  I don’t know her name, and haven’t seen her face, but she is a mother like me, and she is caring for her baby somewhere out there and grieving her toddler and I’m sure would give anything for the chance for some days or even hours of boring same-old.  So thank you Lord for my life and everything in it, and please, please show your care and protection to that Sudanese woman and her infant.