Long time, no post

I am sitting with my laptop just out of range of the sweet potato bubbles Charis is blowing in my general direction.  I feel guilted into action by having checked in on google analytics and realising that my site is still getting lots of hits and there has been nothing new to read for a very long time.  Sorry!!

August is a funny month.  It feels as though we have all decided to step off the conveyor belt at the same time, and let things pass us by for a while.  The Swinney family has been in Wales for a week, and now Shawn is away at Soul Survivor (a big UK youth festival), and other than that we’ve been pretty local and low key.  We are all loving having a bit of outdoor space to potter around in.  Today a friend let me go and ransack her garden for plants, which I hope will survive the upheaval.

Okay, the potato situation is getting out of hand… got to go. x