Hi chaps…

I haven’t posted on here in a while, and it has been just one of the jobs that added to all the other ones has made my life seem undo-able lately.  I have been feeling crummy/ low/ down in the dumps- yes, I will admit it- a little depressed.  Can it really be that the author of “Through the Dark Woods” still has times when she wanders around among the trees? Well, yep, I guess she does.

So it all started when I had lots and lots of lovely writing and speaking opportunities come at me.  Then Charis, now 16 months, went into a phase of being not very well and not very nice to be around (because of not being well…and I do still love her btw!).  I said yes to most of the opportunities but didn’t allocate any more time to do them, and couldn’t move an inch away from little C without her protesting anyway.  Aaaagh.  That and a few other factors have been making me feel very negatively about everything.  I have been irritable, sad, demotivated, fearful, tired, insecure, and generally a delight to behold!

I did just give into it for a bit, but now I have come out fighting.  I am strategising for more time.  I am going to bed earlier.  I am running faster.  I am praying hard.  I am telling a few people that I am struggling and asking for help.  And I think I am starting to feel a bit more normal.

Thanks for listening 🙂