Mood Swing Baby

I sometimes wonder about how personal to get on this blog.  I sit here with a blank square and a blinking cursor and it all seems very contained, but once you submit your piece it is “out there”.  My basic rule of thumb is to be brutally honest when I think it could be of some helpt to whoever is reading, and if it isn’t going to damage anyone’s reputation but mine. So with that in mind, I thought I’d let you know that I am not doing all that well, and that I suspect it may be down to cerazette, a birth control pill that I have been on for one month so far.  I am an angrier, sadder, less predictable version of myself at the moment, and actually, I’d love it to be due to hormonal interference, because I honestly can’t find any other valid-seeming reason for the situation.  And it is A Situation.  Shawn will agree (he is getting the brunt of my temper).

I think I will probably stop taking it, and see whether my practically perfect true self reemmerges (JOKE!). Anyone else had a similar experience?