I had to order Alexa’s school uniform this week.  I can’t quite believe she’ll be entering this new stage so soon.  I had to decide whether to get her cardigans or sweatshirts, and it occurred to me that this might be an important decision.  What if all the well-adjusted little girls with friends wear cardigans, and all the sad lonely awkward ones wear sweatshirts? And what if I get it wrong and she hates school? I realise how ridiculous this sounds, and part of me thinks that she ought to be strong enough in herself to rise above trivial sartorial details- AND YET… I can’t help but look back on my childhood self and wonder if things might have been different if I’d not looked quite so peculiar.

So- I have begun to pay careful attention to kids on the school run, I have quizzed my friends with school age children, and it turns out that cardigans are the way to go.  That being the case, Alexa will have cardigans, because while I might resent the game and disagree with the rules, I don’t want my little girl loosing it before she even knows she’s playing.

What do you think? Have I sold out to a flawed value system? Or am I being a compassionate and responsible mother?