On the Art of Complaining

Okay everyone, as you know, I have recently taken on the role of editor for Closer to God, a daily Bible reading aid.  It feels like a huge responsibility, but is also a massive privilege.  I get to find and recruit writers who I think will be interesting and inspiring and help all of us engage the Bible.  I get to work with the material that is sent in and spend hours with my head deep in the pages of God’s word. I get to play with sentence structure and pummel arguments into a logical flow and chisel a good image into a fine one.  All this is SO good.

This week the first edition with me as editor arrived through the mailboxes of our regular subscribers. And I have been receiving mail about it ever since.  Specifically, complaints about the size of the font.  It is a valid criticism, and we are working on improvements while recognising that there has been a major change, and not all of us (including me) are very good with change.

What I wanted to say was that I have been a bit taken aback by the tone of some of these messages.  Email is an impersonal medium, but a person is on the receiving end.  I think there is always a place for kindness, gentleness, politeness, encouragement- even when conveying criticism.  We all need to remember the power of our words to impact other people.

There is a huge amount to celebrate about the New Closer.  I for one am really excited by the direction it has taken (which was not anything to do with me, so can’t take credit or blame).  I love the potential for  creativity and freedom that the format gives our writers, I love the space for jotting down thoughts and doodles, I love the unpredictability of the layout.  If you have anything lovely to say to encourage those of us who have prayed and sweated and poured out our best to make this a helpful resource then please get in touch.  It would make our day 🙂